Gordo Jiu Jitsu

I just got back from a trip to Brazil. Spent my time training at Gordo Jiu Jitsu. I would recommend anyone going to Rio to train there. All the classes were taught by Gordo and his brother Gordinho.

His students are awesome and train at a very high level. They were all very nice and welcoming too.

We were able to get a private with Gordo and then Draculinho was in town so we also got a private with him.

I am going back in a couple of months to train some more. Phone Post

just wondering what is the price to train there and how do they charge.

Lots of half guard? Phone Post

I'm not sure the price. I am a student of Renzo/Gordinho so I was able to train. I think they have everything from a day/ week and month pass

Even though Gordo is known for 1/2 guard we didn't go over any 1/2 guard techniques. His students were very good though and Gordo did help me out with couple of things in 1/2 guard Phone Post