Gordo or Batata ever on DVD?

Are there any plans to put these two tape series on DVD? I've heard good things about them but I refuse to buy video tapes anymore, only DVDs.


you are a fool


I'm sorry that was a bit harsh, but I don't understand why people would completely refuse to get an awesome instructional just because its on video.

They are GREAT instructionals. There are no plans to put them on DVD right now.... Nino's is on DVD....coming soon a DVD about the guard from Gerson Sanginitto!!


Well I dont want to invest my money into a video tape that will degrade when I can get a DVD which will degrade. Also DVDs are much more convient to fast forward, skip chapters and so on. Just my personal preference.

I love dvds. I guess it must be cheaper to do it on tape. I watch dvd's a lot more than tapes because you can skip to exactly the part you want to watch.

When will Gerson's dvd be available for purchase? Are the techniques very advanced? Im looking to improve my guard game, thanks.
Roberto Kaelin

Gerson's DVD is finished filming... Just needs to be edited....


I am waiting for DVD, Alll good things come to those who wait,

DogsofWar - can you give us around when the Gerson DVD will be out?