Gordon ryan signs with ONE

Says he will be competing in mma and grappling likely at heavyweight.

I figured he would compete at lightheavy. What is he weighing these days? I know he's juiced up so he walks around with a lot of muscle. 

That is awesome. I look forward to seeing him compete. That is who Buchecha is signed with too. 

Cool.  Him at HW would be interesting.  Going the ONE route is smart.

It’ll be interesting to see how “into” mma he gets. Will he go all in, or be a grappler to dabbles in MMA?

He's only 25.  He's got time to prep for fighting. 

I hope that doesn't interfere with the BJJ/grappling matchup Rafael Lovato said he was hoping to have with Gordon this year. 

It actually would be pretty cool if Lovato helped coach Ryan for his MMA debut.

This is fantastic news. Can’t wait to see him compete.

Light heavy seems a much better fit for him though.

i still think he fight light heavy

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Winston Wolf - 

i still think he fight light heavy

What does ONE’s HW vs LHW lineup look like? I’m thinking the choice will be strategical.

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stevekt - 

He's only 25.  He's got time to prep for fighting. 

There’s definitely time, it just depends on whether or not he wants to actually be elite in MMA, or if he’s still more focused on grappling. If he commits to MMA, I think he can be great.

I would think he's fighting at HW because of ONE's weight cutting rules. 

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I believe that 225 is the upper limit for their light heavyweight division so it will be interesting, particularly given Ryan's stomach issues

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his team mate Tonon has looked great in his fights

Hope he does well.

He’s very good, obviously, but not as explosive and wiry as Tonon. Good that he’s young and at or near the top oh his game.

Who do one have at that weight. They only seem to have world quality at lower weights. Aung La Nsang is decent 

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Awesome. Will watch