Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena Sunday

WNO is Sunday w the below submission grappling matches w my picks.

What are yours?

Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena (their 3rd match, where Pena won both times, including by rear naked choke the last time): Gordon by decision

Jacob Couch vs Jay Rodriguez: Couch by heel hook

Mica Galvao vs Alan Sanchez: Mica by submission

Nicholas Meregali vs Rafael Lovato Jr: Meregali by decision

Bia Mesquita vs Elisabeth Clay: Bia by submission

Gordon vs Peña is no time limit sub only.

Oh wow. In that case Gordon by submission. Thnx for the heads up.

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Where is this televised?

It sounds like you have to sign up for FloGrappling for a whole year to watch their shows

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If you told me 1 year ago that today Jacob Couch would be a bigger name in grappling than Andrew Wiltse, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Flograppling sucks.

I 100% know for a FACT who’s gonna win between Gordon Ryan / Felipe Pena.

I will reveal it on Monday.


Up you prediction game, this is pathetic

What if Gordon handed an envelope to the announcer and said he will lose via rnc?

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I expect Gordon to win but if he does not the trolling he will get will be of epic proportions

Who and who?!?!?

Animated GIF

Where can I watch this dm me please



Gordon by sub
Meregali by sub
Mica by sub
J rod by decision
Upset pick is clay by Sub

A DM for this would be great.

Thanks if anyone can help


Word same here. Love to support flo but I don’t watch this but this thread has me curious, so props to op you got some folks interested.

I am not an expert on streams, but FLO is too small/obscure for the larger streaming services to show it.

What’s next for Gordon that would be a challenge if he submits Pena?

Doubt he tests mma because once he loses there his mystique is gone in the eyes of casuals.

Adcc is the key next step. If he wins his division and super fight, then he doesn’t have much left. Of course, people always show up at some point.

Anyone doing play by play or updates tonight on the matches?