Gordons Battered Fish Triangles

These are Pretty darn good when youre on alcohol.

Not the healthiest but I was having a fish craving when I was at Grocery Outlet, bargain market, and bought some.

7 minutes in air fryer and they make for some delucious beer munchies.

You should try his fish dicks

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“When you’re on alcohol”

You are a psychopath.


If being on alcohol is wrong/ psychopath, then I do t want to be rigjt.

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When you’re on alcohol wtfs

I am on the fucking alcohol!

Was having a bonfire and a hazelnut branch about took my eye ball out…

So I came inside and started watching 90s music vidoes cha nenel. Drinking more beet and esting fish triangles.

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Jim Lahey, trailer park supervisor, called it the being on liquor.

RIP John Dunsworth!

The liuor died with Mr. Lahey. So i have to call it something else…



I apaud the effort. I tried to laugj.i really did.

What about if you’ve been doing marijuanas?

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Then youre on the pot. Smokin dope

Animated GIF


kanye west fish dicks GIF by South Park