Gorilla AoE Grinding

 I read about a hunter using a gorilla to AoE grind like a pally...


...went out to Un Goro and tamed one on the beta and sure as shit, it works like a champ lol.  gather up about 4-5 mobs, let him thunderstomp, keep a mend pet up and just keep channeling volley and multishot with aspect of the viper on. Nonstop killing already with a hunter, but now it's about 3x better. unfuckenbelievable

If you think that's great, try AOE grinding with an Unholy Death Knight.

 That hasn't gotten nerfed yet?

It got nerfed then rebuffed.

I routinely AOE down 4-5 mobs every pull (with 100% health and RP at the end) and killed 10 off one pull in Gizzly Hills.

I've been dotting and killing 4 or 5 mobs at a time since level 40. Whats the big deal?

I hate you danjerboy STFU!!!!

You up for some quick arena games tomorrow?