got 2 new books!

I got 'A Knight and his Weapons' by Ewartt Oakeshott (who I believe is popular here, ya?)

And I got "Warfare in the Classical World" by John Warry, which, if nothing else, is beautifully illustrated with all kindsa cool pictures.


Oakeshotts book opens with a cool narration of the battle at Poitiers. Pretty cool. Then I fell asleep.

Although I do not own "A Knight and His Weapons", Oakeshott was the man. Sounds like a great book to own. You can't go wrong with Oakeshott.

"warfare in the Classical World" is a great book in my opinion. Excellent illustrations. A must have.

Check out the magnitude of the siege engines that were built in ancient times.

The illustration of the Spartan Hoplite in Warry's book kicks MAJOR ass--one of the coolest pics ever.

w00t, I did good :)

and DAMNED if TFS ain't correct...