Got 40g to invest any ideas?

Just searching for some ideas i don't plan to quit my job just something to boost my income.

How old are you and what's your risk tolerance?

31 and not a high risk tolerance.

Do you have any options you are currently considering?

Well where I live the real estate market is booming but I don't think 40g is enough to get into that.

Other than that I was thinking something like selling on e-bay or something small like that.

What's your invesment horizon? When do you see yourself using this money?

probably within the next year.

I dont see you making alot of money in that short of a span with little risk.

You cannot expect significant returns with a low risk in such a short time span.

Easiest and least risky thing to do would be to walk over to your bank and put it into a CD for a year. You might get up to 5%, but I doubt it would even be that much. But look at it this way: 5% of 40k is 2k, which is better then nothing.

$40k = decent sized down payment on a house. I like buying student rental properties, because you get more money per square foot that way (get to cram 5-7 people into a house pretty easily, each paying you rent), and that can cover the cost of the mortgage & property manager you'll need.

I agree with the previous two posts.

IF you are very conservative and worried about losing principle, then sink your money into a CD or even a T bill. Its a gauranteed rate of return. And 5% is actually an attractive number right now.

$40K is a sizable downpayment on a house. You can buy an investment property or your own place. Plus there are significant tax savings.

Personally, I'd purchase real estate and find renters. Let them pay the mortgage and get the tax deductions all the while building up equity in the property.

1 year term horizon and little tolerance for risk and looking for income and you people are recommending real estate. Ha ha.

Go to Pick the highest yield FDIC backed CD. End of thread.

Yeah, real estate is a bad investment.

Perhaps there's a misunderstanding by people here about what the original poster is looking for. The phrase "1 year horizon" is being thrown about here... Question to the original poster, do you need the $40k BACK in 1 year, or do you plan to invest it within 1 year's time?

If you need the principle back within a year, then do something safe like a CD or something.

If you don't need the 40K back within a set time period, then a rental property is a good idea.

Do you need to see immediate cash flow from your $40k investment, or any cash flow at all?

Let's try to clear up any assumptions and let the original poster say clearly what he wants before laughing at the suggestions of others.

ttt for later

velt1, good point. I read that his horizon for when he wants his principal back as one year.

Some of you are just whacked. In no way did I say people cannot make money in real estate. But I wouldn't invest in real estate in most areas right now unless the horizon was for over 5 or 6 years. If you haven't noticed, the real estate market is in a soft spot right now. Sales volume has declined quite a bit in most areas.

Velt1 asked the correct question. I assumed he's looking to make the investment within a year.

I'd give totally different advice if he was looking to get a return on his initial investment within a year.

What I meant was that I want to invest the money or part of it in something within the next year not neccesseraly make back the money within the next year, although that would be super sweet.

I am BTW looking at foreclosures since I know some attorneys that deal with them alot. And also as I said where i live real estate is just booming.

Given that fact, I still recommend real estate.

I am confused.