Got a new rig!

I am "new" to PC gaming and I just got a new PC:

P4 @ 3.0GHz (800 MHz FSB) with HT Technology
512MB DDR SDRAM at 400MHz (PC3200)

How will this puppy run?

How long will this rig run the "top" games at better than 60 fps?

Can anyone recommend something to make it shine? I spent $1200 on it and my wife wants to know why... LOL

What can I put on this rig that will make my wife go "oooohhh that's why we spent all that money..."

To really impress her it would need to be "clean" as in no death, T&A, and no dark satanic mayhem.

What about racers? Anything stunning that my rig might run well?

Your system should run this game great when it comes out... too bad its not out for your new purchase

this is why I will marry a gamer. No questions asked when I spend lots of money on upgrades and new systems. :)

LOL! Help a brother out. Jaw dropping stuff guys, come on.

"How long will this rig run the "top" games at better than 60 fps?"

Honestly, not long. That's my beloved PC gaming for you. I think Modern Air Combat, Doom 3, HL2 with all the details at max will push that system pretty good.

Still, that's a kick butt system and you should be thrilled and running great games for a long time to come.

My system is similar except I have a 2.8c (oc'ed to 3.0), 1gig of pc3500 ram. It runs everything I throw at it smooooooth as glass.

very close to the rig i just got..

LOMAC will kill anything at high detail though... but who cares the damn game is gorgeous at low detail anyway.

Damn I still need to get my gaming rig jacked into the internet. I'm buying a router ASAP.

What's LOMAC? LgFriess, how long is not long? A year, maybe 2?

Will the games that come out in Christmas of 2005 run with full detail at 60 fps but just not at greater then 800 X 600 res?

Honestly, that was all I was hoping for. If it could do at least that I would be ecstatic!

Dude, you're totally set for a few years with that rig. The only thing I would recommend is to get another stick of 512mb pc3200 as the new games will definately need it.

Also, the radeons run really well with anisotropic filtering and anti aliasing (both make games look better) so make sure you turn these features on in the drivers. Do not leave them on application preference unless the games seem to run slow.

OK, I went to and got 2 more 256 meg pc3200 DDRs to add to my rig. I hope it was worth it (it cost me an extra $119.99 shipped)!

How much of a diff will I see with the extra ram?

I cannot wait till my rig gets here! Hurry UPS!

*wishes he had gotten next day shipping*

WOW, why so much $$$. That's expensive and it may have been a better idea to buy 1 stick of 512mb unless you're running dual channel. The extra ram will be beneficial when you're running a lot of programs at the same time or you are using a program like photoshop. Currently there are only a few games that use over 512mb of ram, Battlefield 1942 is one. On 512 you'll notice a stutter sometimes as your system runs out of memory. With the extra ram there's no stuttering at all.

Wait... so with the 2 extra you'll have 4 256k ram sticks filling up all slots in the MB? Or 1 512k + 2 256k?

I am running dual channel. $60 is a lot to pay for a stick of 256 MEG PC3200 400 MHz with tax and shipping?. I now have 4 256 MEG sticks filling all slots.

Yes, almost every game for the PC is pretty violent, dark, and or in the habit of "objectifying" women. How about racing games? Is there anything stunning in that genre?

The sadist thing is that I have to go to LA on business for a week starting on the 8th and my rig is supposed to arrive on the 9th.

TTT for LgFriess

"I am running dual channel. $60 is a lot to pay for a stick of 256 MEG PC3200 400 MHz with tax and shipping?. I now have 4 256 MEG sticks filling all slots."

I just bought 512mb of pc3200 for 108Cdn so that's around 80 american. If you got high end pc3200 like Mushkin, OCZ with aggressive timings then it's not so bad but if it's generic ram that's a lot of cake.

Also, check your mobo to see if you can run dual channel with 4 sticks of ram.

Hey Tulka... go to this website... ... then to the forums.

As far as hardware goes, you'll find EVERYTHING you'll want to know there.

A good hardware site to buy from is They are generally just a bit more expensive then the lowest priced guys but are the most reliable. I think most people would agree that newegg is THE place to get hardware upgrades. Anyway, check your prices there.

I think with all four slots full you'll be good to go! Check on the sharky forums though. They are super computer geeks but will really help you out.

I paid about the same for my ram but it was Corsair XMS, so it better have been a good brand and not the crap that they put in stock machines.

For the price, I always like Geil.

A flight sim. Best graphics in any game out at the moment IMO. Runs like a bitch though.