Got an A on my midterm!!

In the middle of class the professor said he wanted to see these 7 people after class and then he rattled off 7 names and i was scared as fuck when i heard him slaughter my easily slaughtered last name. Lol, we were the only ones to get A's and he thinks we're gonna be A students if we keep it up on the 4th of 4 papers coming up and obviously don't fuck the final in the ear. Forgive extra poopt grammar i been drinkin n smokin hash. I always knew i was a natural born basket weaver.

I got a 100 on my SNORT exam Phone Post 3.0

I built an A frame house once.

Congrats on doing what you're supposed to be doing. Keep it up and post back here when you get an A in the class

Good job bro, keep up the good work. Phone Post 3.0

i'm still waiting to see your score on the paternity test.

sorry, i had to

you sat next to the asian kid in your class didn't you

What subject matter was the class?

Pencil Neck - What subject matter was the class?

Genealogy Phone Post

Fact: it was an hiv test Phone Post 3.0

Pencil Neck - What subject matter was the class?
How to be a deadbeat Phone Post 3.0

Lmao! Thanks guys. Summer semester at the Santa Rosa junior college. Taking American history from 1860 to present day. Midterm was up to the end of WWI.

too bad your mom got an F on her pregnancy test

Well laddy freakin' da!

Bet you won't be flaunting that test score when you're living in a van down by the river!! Phone Post 3.0

Pencil Neck - What subject matter was the class?

MSc in Contraception and Childcare