Got any T-SHIRT ideas?

I've got 3 new designs that I'm going to print soon, but I'd like to add a 4th. Anybody have any ideas of stuff you'd like to see?

something with the american flag would be cool.

I was thinking something with pitbulls? Has that been done yet?

gray maynard's shirt has a pitbull on the back.

but that would be tight.

Pitbulls and chains imo

if you put the gothic s and d on the back of the arms of the sleeves that would be nice. kinda like tito's tattoos. like him or hate him, they are nice.

Something intimidating imo.

An explosive black athletic bald guy w/tats and a goatee next to a pitbul and dragon (yes, a fucking dragon)!!!

Dont forget about putting skulls and tribal shit in the empty spaces on the shirt.

You know, kse50, I might do something like that, good idea. TRJ, I likey.

punishmentathletics has a definition shirt. its a really nice design.

i think i'm going to order your rising sun shirt. its badass.

but i really like the s and d on the "painted black" shirt. those would look good on the back of the sleeves.

Yeah, there are a lot of "definition" tees out there.

I'm definitely doing a variation on one of the designs below, I'm still kicking around some ideas...

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(Because there is nothing harder than gay porn)

the blue one is awesome. any chance of that in white/black to?

is it copywright if you make the "we are all one" shirts with genki's actual tattoo on the back of the shirt like it is on his back. cause that shirt would be crazy and it's an automatic buy IMO.

lol...thanks Halz...I'm gonna run with that

Make a Jimmy John's JiuJitsu shirt.

Jimmy John's sammiches has a t-shirt that says "Subs So Fast, You'll Freak".

Perfect for BJJ/MMA.

kse50, yes, I think that would be copyright infringement with the actual tattoo. I've been wanting to do a "We Are All One" shirt for awhile because I like the meaning behind it. It's a shirt for Genki's message, but not a traditional fighter's shirt.

Keep up the good work fellas. Great stuff!


"Subs So Fast, You'll Freak".  I never thought o that connection before! lol. Really, I didn't. Nice.

mmmm....Beach Club....

regardless i really like the blue one. i think you should run with it.

to be honest with you i'd really like to see a shirt with a american flag, and the eagle on the back wings spread out similiar to genki's tattoo. i saw a cheap made one similiar to that the other day, and i was thinking if someone with skill made tht shirt it'd be nice.

If you buy stuff from Quik you will not be disappointed.