Got blown off on a phone pre-interview, what do?

Im entering a new part of my field, and was supposed to have a prescreening interview with an HR lady on Friday. She completely missed our first time window, so I politely emailed and said that I was really disappointed and was very interested in the company, she gave a lame excuse as to why she didnt call, but promised to call later in the day. She originally sent me an appointment calender request deal through email for 330, which I accepted, then at 330 sent another for 400, which I accepted, then she just totally blew it off and didnt call at all. She sought me out for the job, based on my resume, and made all the plans, representing a company I really genuinely want to work for, but I feel totally screwed over right now and its kind of shaping my opinion of the company she represents for the worst. How should I proceed? I dont have any way of contacting anyone above her in the company.

Email her a picture of your dick with the text 'you my gf now?' Phone Post 3.0

But seriously if it is a company you want to work for you have to suck it up and keep trying. Don't let one unprofessional hr twat ruin an opportunity for you. Be polite and persistent. But yes this might be an indicator of the quality of the company so keep that in mind if you are weighing multiple offers. Phone Post 3.0

I'm sure there's some office gossip she needed to get involved that was super important to her job Phone Post 3.0