Got Caught Lackin': Dude Gets Shot By His Opp At Point Blank Range With A Shotgun In New York

He was trying to make a witty response about how black culture has nothing to do with it because 100 years ago Italian mob guys were shooting each other up.

Problem is, he’s took fucking retarded to see the difference.

You didn’t see innocent people getting killed in their beefs. Or guys making music about smoking other mobsters, or them bragging about it.

Mobsters were feared in those days, they weren’t glorified in the neighborhoods they operated in.

It’s a fucking redundant cliche…but not overused since true. This would have been front news EVERYWHERE if the killer was White.

Media are awful. There was an article that said many people think the “Great Replacement” is real! Amazing, right? But they put it all on White Extremists, mentioned the Buffalo killer was inspired by that (which is true but they made it look it he was an extreme right guy himself), the pic of the article was from the January 6th “'insurrection”… they forcefeed the agenda all the time. WHY???

Lacking critical thinking. Get on your knees, I promise I won’t shoot.

I be surprised if this man was killed over something important. Might have been a 100 dollar debt or a perceive slight

Other people’s pussy

Good post and I’m happy you touched on fatherless homes, probably the single biggest contributor to the problem.

Democrats are trying to push these monsters from the inner cities to the suburbs.

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Title doesn’t seem right.

If they were opps, the victim would likely have been armed, and definitely wouldn’t have just sat there while the murderer parked and walked up to him with a gun.

It looks more like a local, feared gang member dealing with a junkie or someone else from the neighborhood to settle a debt or score of some sort. The victim was hoping for leniency by submitting and no opp would expect as much.

For equity!!!

He was in front of a corner store. Maybe the “victim” was actually the perp. Maybe he stole the shooters pack of Garbage Pail kids.

All in all, it is a tragedy. They were clearly on their way to a Mensa meeting when they were attacked by trump supporters.

I fired a shotgun Tuesday morning. My shoulder is still a bit fucky 24 h later. Marks and bruises. Shotguns are funky to fire. I wasn’t firing at anything but a target board from 50y, but I felt like the blast was spread WIDE by 50y. This range is crazy. You are going to get splattered pulling trigger so close.

Fwiw, dude hit his target, no one else. That’s good.

2 pussies IMO

Calm down Zach.