Got DIRECTV to pay me $198

To get the Sunday NFL Ticket for free. 

Yep, that's how I roll bitches. 

But they have you under contract for cable for two years.

I called and asked if I could get any deals on the Ticket. The first thing they did was take off $6 and $7 on HBO & Starz for six months. I asked her if there was anything else that could be done. after some digging she told me she could offer me the 6 month payment plan (something like $45/month for 6 months), which is what they give everyone. I lol'd in here ear and asked her to talk to customer retention. 

So I get another woman and I was just very nice to her and explained that I thought it wasn't right that long time customers get the shaft. But I assured her that I knew it wasn't her fault and I always get great customer service when I call. We chatted for a couple of minutes about her wanting to move to Colorado etc. So after about 10 minutes on hold she came back and said I could have it for free plus get $10 off my bill for a year. All she asked was I renew my contract for one year. 

Done deal. 

But do you have NFL RedZone

I cancelled directv 6 months ago, but had been with them since 2003 and had the sunday ticket (with redzone) for free every year.  There are too many other options out there to get free tv and that is why I cancelled.  


Sports are a little more difficult to get for free, but smooth streams is a very good alternative for only $15 per month.

I was done w my 2 year contract with direct tv last week ...I was paying close to $150 a month ....told them I was done , too expensive ....they offered me a one year contract for $60, includes HBO and Showtime for the whole year and I got free Sunday NFL ticket ...I took the deal 

Tell her Colorado is overrated and we have bears and endless winter's here.

Tell that bitch to stay outta Colorado. We full.

I've canceled NFL ticket two years ago. The fuckers put it on my account again this season so I had to waste a half hour trying to get them to remove it again. They piss me off sometimes.

Nice, I got them to lower my bill 30 bucks a month for a year to re-up for another year. My bill is like $40 a month now.