Got 'em one...

I was outside feeding my pups this morning at around 7am and all was quiet. Then, out of nowhere, a lone shot pierced the air.

Somebody got themselves some deer meat.


I always prefer to hear that single shot rather than a burst. It usually tells me that the hunter had a very good situation and took good aim to ensure a quick kill shot.

gun season always scares that piss out of me (a bowhunter) because there are all kinds of nuts out there driving deer thru terrain they've never been thru.

We have a lot of people who hunt with dogs out this way. Deer always panic and get caught up in unusual terrain when that happens. When I used to hunt, I always preferred a stand my self. I'd rather still hunt than use dogs. Although when I have been out with dog hunters it is always a good time.


Deer hunting w/ dogs? never heard of that.

Are you serious, bro? Where are you from? A LOT of people do that here in NC. Basically, they use the deerhounds to run and flush out the deer into an open area where they can get off a clean shot. The dogs don't actually attack the deer, but just chase them into a clearing located back to where the hunters are.

Good deer dogs are a commodity out here. My uncle breeds them and it is nothing for him to make a few thousand off of a good deerhound if it will hunt.


I'm from eastern Ohio.

Dang, I'm in Oklahoma and I've never heard of that either. Sounds like a good idea! I've got a poodle!

this still boggles my mind..

but i guess it's probably more sucessful than driving deer out of cover. (I really hate that method.. commonly used during gun season by large groups of hunters)