Got Fedor v. Nagata!

Just watched Fedor-Nagata last night. The entire Inoki is en route at home as I type this.

Very fun fight that lasted all of a minute I think. I have to admit, I enjoy the occasional mismatch now and then. I think mismatches remind me how awesome the top players in our sport really are.
ANywayz Nagata was definitely game in this match until he received the first blows. The match is lightning fast starting from the clinch and then leading to complete brutalization.
Some things I like from Fedor were that he tried a pro wrestling looking heelhook when he was standing and Yuji was on the ground. Fedor threw a roundhouse kick! Fedor almost KO's Nagata with a glancing punch.

Up next, I need to see Fedor's bro! I love their whipping punches hehe..

THe hate is strong in this thread hehe

Yeah, the KO comes from the sloshing of the brain around in the head. So if it violently or suddenly moves the head that can be just as effective as a dead on strike...

How did Alexander look? He looked pretty badass in his Bushido fight until he gassed out.

Alexander didn't impress me. He did a nice suplex on his opponenet but other than that he looked pretty flat. His GnP is very boring, nothing like his brothers'.