Been working with my son's LaCrosse team and tonite was our last practice. One of the other coaches brought a full set of gear so I could suit up and play with everyone and it was great.

At one point I was fighting with one of the other coaches for the ball and, while I had my head down, I got freakin' smeared by "Tank". He hit me so hard I landed flat on my back, bit my tongue, and he knocked my stick out of my hands. I also had to run to the bathroom to take a huge crap afterwards...hahaha

After all the smack talk I've been giving these kids, it was great to see them get all excited about knocking me down. Don't worry, I got right back off the ground and said something like "I get hit harder during sex" or something like that to make the high-school kids blush (they all think I'm a weirdo anyway).

We have our final games this weekend. I plan on taking, and posting, pics from all the craziness.

If you guys ever get the chance to work with kids, and make a positive impact on their lives, DO IT.

Def agree scrap. I coached my son's grade school wrestling team...awesome experience!

Yep I would put coaching my kids sports teams in the top 3 things ive ever done.

I agree with Scrapper. I help coach my daughter's competitive soccer
team...It has been a lot of fun and an awesome experience!

I swear I learn as much from them as they do from me...