GoT: House of the Dragon - there will be no sexual violence

Exactly right.

Game of thrones was an epic show until they ran out of book material. Then they had everyone buddy up in pairs and then “Subvert expectations” by not giving anyone what they want.

Its the greatest plumet from close to the best to close to the worst in history.

Maybe the new Starwars movies are in the mix.


Why not just tell the damn story instead of worrying about who’s feathers you’re ruffling? Great stories reflect life, and life ain’t sweet.


“It’s a cold world out there, you better zip the fuck up”

Wiener party, flopping wiener, flopping wiener.

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What gratuitous rape scenes were in game of thrones? I don’t recall any.

I personally thought the consummation with Khaleese was tasteful.

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Sansa’s sore ass is all i can recall

Maybe Daenerys and Drago when he beat the pussy up doggystyle?

Also, the Nights Watch deserters raped a few of Crasters daughters.


I think we need gifs posted here to judge.

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I’m excited for this. I hope some episodes leak. I don’t see how the writers can fuck this one up. It’s 1 book. I can see them cutting shit out like bitter steel and the golden company or the blackfyre rebellion. But it’s basically going to focus on the greens and the blacks and the dance of dragons. If the writers have any hair on their asses, the season will end with an epic dragon battle above a lake

Game of Thrones got criticism from both sides which was unique.

Dudes complaining that it was too woke because of all the female lead characters, and Girls complaining that the rape culture in the show was too prevalant.

So you had two opposing groups of people complaining about the show at the exact same time


If theres no Jodi Foster on a pinball table level of rape rape, im just not interested.

Link to the woke complaints?

Women being raped in the streets during the riots at kings landing (where Clegane had to save Sansa) the “Shame!” Septa being given to the Zombie Mountain.

Jesus, it was all over the threads here while the show was running

I’m in it for the epic dragon fire destroying armies, zombie armies and the occasional shocking betrayal.

I’m fine with no sexual violence.

There’s a huge opening in the market for a show with a decent story and some rape scenes.

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As long as they keep the rapes tasteful.