Got into Cooley

The whole failing out 1/3 of the class issue was behind my decision not to go to Cooley. The reason is partially to get a year's tuition out of people but also to give people with less than stellar numbers a chance to prove themselves. I don't need the additional stress however and am deciding against it. I got a 75% scholarship to WNEC as well. Thanks for the replies.

Just curious if you would clarify what you mean by "not too pretty" and "a hole". Is it just kinda ugly and boring? Or can I look forward to being carjacked on my way to class?

Can't be much than where I went to law school, Rutgers (Newark campus). Newark is one of the worst places in the country. When I was a 1L Money magazine released their list of most crime-ridden cities and Newark was number one in murder rate, I believe. Students were attacked, robbed, carjacked, etc. One girl was walking from the dorm to the law school (literally 3 blocks away) on a sunny afternoon. She was on the same block as the dorm, about 50 feet away when some dude ran up and snatched her necklace right off her neck. One night there was a police chase that went right past the dorm, about 30 cop cars chasing some guys in a stolen car that had shot at some police officers, it ended in a collision where some poor schmoe got hit and killed. We used to go to manhattan on the weekends and if we couldn't get a cab from the train station back to the dorms we'd have to walk, and we were followed by some shady characters a few times.


"Or can I look forward to being carjacked on my way to class?"

A chick was actually car jacked in the school parking lot like a month ago.

Springfield has a high crime rate, and for the most part the city itself is run down, a lot of older housing, 70's era apartments, etc.

It's definatly better then Shaz's situation, and it's like any college, don't leave valuables in your car, some areas you don't go at night, but it's a consideration.

Cooley is known for failing out a lot of people. I was one of the largest graduating classes with like 260 or so. My class started with almost 600. Some failed out, some went to other schools, and some left for other reasons. It is the only school I applied to and to be honest, I never had the best grades. I ended up in the top half of the class, but just barely. I liked it, but it was a lot of work. Moral of the story is that if I can do it, anyone can do it.

I lived in Springfield for 1 year, down the street from WNEC, in the downtown area by AIC. Springfield is an absolute shithole. Yes, car jacked, robbed, raped type shithole. Most major cities in Massachusetts are shitholes. It is a welfare oriented state.

For those who attend or attended Cooley,

What types of Summer jobs did you guys get?  What kind of jobs do people get after graduation?

I went to school full time,even in the summer. That is how most students do it at Cooley, not mandatory, but that is what most did when I went there. There are the typical jobs available from clerks to school related jobs and everything else. When I graduated, I started at the Midland County Prosecutors Office and then left for an insurance defense firm. Today I am a partner in a mid sized firm in Bay City.