Got J&J vaccine, have enlarged lymph node

I got the J&J vaccine yesterday. No pain at all.

Just got out of the shower and noticed a lump near my groin. So I freak out, hit the internets in search of answers.

Turns out it is common to get have your lymph nodes get swollen in your face, neck, groin after getting the shot. Swelling happens on the same side of your body you got the shot.

Hopefully it should clear up in a few days.

SHORT STORY – Got J&J vaccine, lymph node got swollen. But nothing to worry about, you should get it.

it’s sucking in all the toxins… that’s why your lymph nodes are expanding

people are literally human guinea pigs at this point



Lol I missed you big guy

If its the lymph node near your groin then the cure is to masturbate furiously.

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Take good care of yourself! :smile:

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Lol at your avatar

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My friend got the JandJ this afternoon and a few hours later said she was knocked on her ass. Just extremely exhauste, started running a fever and got the shivers all night. Hopefully she feels better in the AM.

I’m getting mine Monday before I head into work. We’ll see how that goes.

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I had a swollen lymph node in my armpit on the injection side for a few days after. Cleared up though no problem.

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good luck!

happy to hear that!

Correlation doesn’t equal causation

same. shot monday. armpit lymph node wednesday. mostly gone by bedtime.

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I had swollen jaw under both my ears for 2-3 days after the J&J shot. Then after that for 3 days my arm hurt at the injection site. 1 week later I’m 100% fine.

I have huge lymph nodes, it’s a sign of masculinity.

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Good to hear


Any other (non-Covid) vaccines give enlarged lymph nodes as a common side effect? I don’t recall it ever happening with me for the childhood vaccines, but they were a long time ago. Seems a bit odd.