Got kicked out of club


Who cares? Go join a real BJJ club instead of screwing around with some TMA bullshit.

don't take it personally

dojo challenge imo for the right to use the facilities.
loser is banished forever, winners get to gloat

and keys to the clean toilet

"Do they really have a right to kick me out just because of something I wrote on my myspace?"

Considering it was a FREE class, the answer to that would be a resounding YES.

Demand you money back

You're a douche for bad-mouthing people you train with, even if they do suck. They are helping you out, you could at least keep your mouth shut.

Also dude, that was just the straw that broke the camel's back. You never wash your gi, but none of us had the guts to tell you.

your lucky, if the roles were reversed and you were talking shit about BJJ they might not have kicked you out lol.

So you publically proclaim that they all suck, then are amazed that they don't want to train with you anymore. Is this post for real? If you insult somebody, are you really surprised that they don't want you around anymore?

i wouldnt have told you a thing.. then beat the tar out of you like none other and as i walked away say, "next time you decide to blog about us, make sure you can be the man coming out on top."

thank your lucky stars.

If it was so bad why go back????

Sounds like these guys tried to help you out (free training) and you took the piss out of them. I wouldn't want to train with you after that.

Poor behaviour for two reasons:

  1. You insulted them when they offered you a free place and time to train with them

  2. you actually blog on myspace

2 is worse.

If it sucks so bad, why go in the first place? Who's the real idiot here?

Dojo Storm....

I gotta say bad mouthing them was a mistake. Anytime you get to train with someone especially for free you should be respectful.

But I'm guessing you are probably in your teens so chalk this up as one of life's lessons.

ttt for Josh's response. I love it.

"But I'm guessing you are probably in your teens so chalk this up as one of life's lessons."

live and learn