Got laid off today

This is definitely not the “usual” in my experience

Sorry to hear that, OP.

Have you considered Only Fans?

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Lol. I m not sure how marketable I would be.

What was the explanation for the retailers canceling the orders ?

Do you believe the explanation ? Not really important just curious. Especially since companies are having trouble getting stock AKA items to sell.

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You’ll be good. Incredibly high demand for experienced labor right now.

Akin to a buyers market.

Don’t lose faith, put your best foot forward and you’ll be good.

PM me where you live. I’ll help if I can.


They are claiming they are overstocked after the initial shipping delays last year and also that they are just not selling enough themselves. I’ve heard of competitors that have already gone out of business.

I think that people are spending their money elsewhere from the trends I was seeing.

Do you receive any compensation in lieu of no notice given?

None at all. Paying out remained PTO but mine is about done anyways as my anniversary date was June 12th and it was supposed to reset then.

Thanks for the answer. Yea makes sense, I was curious if because of the lags, or uneven nature of the supply chain.

I think one of the biggest things you mentioned or indicator is it is a family owned business.

I am saying this having worked for a family owned or private group owned business that was later bought by publicly traded company.

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Find out the labor laws for your state. That doesn’t seem right for a “lay-off” but im only familiar with Canada (BC mainly)

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This is really good to hear. When I got laid off I also took this positive approach, it was a simple business decision and nothing personal.

It still shocks me all the OGers that get fired or forced to quit and they religiously follow every move of their antagonists (in their version of course) to later on victoriously announce how they also lost their jobs or got fired. It is so sad to see people live like that, I treat jobs just like ex girlfriends, once gone there is no contact, and simply wish them the best.

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Not an expert here, but compared to the average place in the US Canada seems like such a pro worker place in these situations.

Comparing the 2 it seems the US has no rules where is Canada you are going to get paid quite a bit.

I say this as someone that hears the complications of trying to get rid of people in Canada and how it always seems to involve some big pay off. Also US co workers had become spoiled by Canadians paying crazy amounts when laying off people in the US, until some US bosses started complaining to the Canadians that “you are paying people too much when we should just get rid of them”

I did not do a good job of explaining that, but can sum up that generally in the US if the company does not want to pay you there is not much coming.

Canada on the other hand I hear of people getting almost a paid year etc.

I negotiated a full year paid for 6 years served.

The max for severance pay here in bc is 8 weeks unless you are in a union or have something in a contract.

I should also mention that it could be more than the bc labour laws state but more often than not the max is 8 weeks

I still say you should rob drug dealers. I did it for a day and it was good fun. Plus you get some free drugs.

Great Success Win GIF

This is 100% not the “usual”

Yeah the company messed up because they had recently hired a senior manager before letting me go so I consulted w a lawyer and he negotiated on my behalf and bumped me from 8 (that was already very generous) to 12 months.

the OG helped me a lot, I would have gladly taken the 8 months originally offered.

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Even 8 months isn’t common.

Good for you dude

They were being extra generous, I increased their revenue by ridiculous amounts YoY and even when they gave me retarded targets my teams blew them out of the water.

A lot of directors approached me afterwards because they would have grabbed me and transferred me instead of letting me get laid off.

I grabbed the free year, went back to school, got in shape and chillaxed for 9 months.

It’s like I gained 10 years back. So happy right meow and only work part-time and keep in shape.

Office work will slowly destroy someone’s body. Our bodies are not made to be sitting 8-10 hours a day keyboard warrioring. All starts going to hell if not in motion. Water is important too, we simply don’t hydrate enough.


Great state of mind my man. If theres any questions you can think of, now or in the future, and theres a chance I can help, please reach out. Now I will stop taking more of your time. Enjoy that weekend!