Got lent me Vunak Str8blast tape

I just watched most of it. Its funny, looking back on when i first saw the str8 blast its amusing to look at it again after the evolution of my training.

I was never a JKD guy but the str8 blast always intriged me. JKD is pretty unknown in Australia besides through Bruce Lee's movies, but the schools are pretty sparse. Let me say i have NO politicial agenda in this post at all, just letting you hear my observations and thoughts.

The Str8 blast tape is interesting, Sifu Vunak certainly has a flair about him, almost a throw back to the hippy days, the way he talks is very interesting i must say.

The tape starts by talking about how to enter into a str8 blast etc, tools to use on the outside and how to close and blast. It shows drills and followups.

Now i must say some of it is very itneresting. Sifu Vunak performs all the techniques in an ALIVE manner, but it seems like the partner never puts pressure on him, thats the only disapointing thing. The stuff he does doesnt look pretty in the "fights" but i guess real fights never do.

From my perspective i actually found this tape quite useful, i've been playing with the boxing blast alot in sparring lately and tried it in my fight (but ended up on my back because we bounced off the ropes midstep haha) and whilst i dont use the rolling punches i do think the entries he uses are valid for thai boxing/pressure boxing to a boxing blast to clinch.

Some of the stuff is a tad iffy as well, but i think if you train alive, you'll quickly figger out what is and isnt useful and will see through the veil.

Anyways just thought i'd let u know my thoughts, i wouldnt buy it but if u can borrow there is some interesting stuff on timing as well. He loves his beats.

WOh my title is messed up.

Cool review! Haven't seen it; Vu's got a LOT of tapes out there, and that's not even including his old panther stuff.

Man he's an odd looking fella

I got the old panther stuff. Thought it was the shit at the time, now I just laugh at his socks.

Very energetic, that Vunak.

I like the pre-Navy Seals Vu alot more than post-Seals.He still teaches similar material,but his attitude and demeanor seemed alot freindlier and happier back in the day.

The straight blast looks very efectives close the distance and HKE i watched it in A Vunak tape and Matt Thorton(Aliveness) use it too.

lEMON do you think i can train it in a thai or boxing sparring or only in a surprise situation.

Change the Str8blast to crosses, keep your chin down and be ready to change levels and u can do it in boxing/thai boxing.

Thanks LEMon i will do.

try it, if it doesnt work you'll know str8 away in sparring.

Paul has put out some really good tapes with great material. There are some tapes with Paul that are not very good. Tom Cruse also has some good tapes, but some lousy as well. The problem is that the tapes were done for a company by contract and they don't have any control over what material is used or how it's advertised. Paul really doesn't like the tapes, but also realizes there's nothing he can do about it, so he doesn't waste the energy complaining or worrying.

As with all the other tapes on the market today, take what appeals to you from each one and forget the rest. Take for example Erik Paulson's tapes. I really like his tapes and have drawn some good material from them. But there are also some moves that are way involved, and I know I'd never use them. Good for Erik, but I'm not now nor will be at his level of performance. That doesn't take away from the good I can get from his tapes.

And if you look at Paul's early tapes, they were really good for that period of fact leading the way in JKD tapes. Looking at them now may seem a bit dated, but there is still good material to draw from, if not just simply understanding the progression of JKD.

Today, the leaders in this type of material is Matt Thornton, Rodney King, and the Singers. How will their tapes look in 25 years? Like Paul's material, I'm sure well be looking at them and saying "Right on!. Now that was kick ass!"

The fact is this: Other than Bruce and Dan, the most recognized name in JKD is Paul Vunak. The new generation of JKD/MMA practitioners should be made aware of the contributions Paul has made. That way they can develop one of the most important attributes anyone can possess.....Respect.

Terry G.


Great post Terry!

JKD is supposed to evolve. So what JKD peeps were doing 10 or even 5 years ago is supposed to be a "little funny", because the practitioner has evolved further into their own development. I remember seeing footage of Bruce doing sil lim tao. I'm sure a few years after that footage was shot, Bruce wished it never even existed.

JKD practitioners evolve, that's what they're supposed to do. Some of use may look back at who we were 10 years ago and say "hey that was pretty cool, but I've moved from that now" or "man, what was I thinking!?!?" Regardless of how we view our past insights (or lack thereof), they're crucial to our development because, as Bruce Lee liked to say "we find the cause of our own ignorance" through this process of evolution of absorbing, evaluating, and discarding.

The laws and principles of fighting never change; all that changes is the depth of our understanding, and our application of that understanding.

"The laws and principles of fighting never change; all that changes is the depth of our understanding, and our application of that understanding."

4 Ranges, that is one of the most perfect sentences I have ever seen. Beautiful. Thank you very much.



Thanks for the kind words. :)

Eveyone has their demons, man.