Got my Back Escapes DVD's...

Much props to Bolo and Rose for their speedy shipping of the Back Escapes DVD's - I got mine today, and have been mightily impressed (as usual) at the quality of info contained.

I'll try to present a more complete review later, but some quick comments:
1. The DVD format is put to great use, as you can skip from one type of escape to another with ease. This is unlike some other instructional DVDs I have, which run continuously just like tapes.
2. Bolo's teaching is so clear and intuitive that for most of the moves, once he shows the first half of what to do, he has set up his explanation such that you can figure out for yourself the gist of what's coming next. Not to worry, he does in fact explain the rest, and often with subtle details that make a world of difference.
3. The "In Action" part at the end of #2 is great, showing Bolo and his students rolling (hard, in some cases) and using the exact moves Bolo just taught.
4. Finally, in my mind, Bolo and Sperry have always been the class of the tape/DVD market; well, now Bolo joins Sperry again as being entertaining to boot ;-) - not that this is necessary, of course, but it really makes watching the DVD a treat. Bolo's got some great one-liners through the set like 'Only a retarded person would keep their grip here and wind up doing a face plant' or when he mentions 'the sorry-ass way most jiujitsu guys do the head-and-arm control.' My buddy and I were cracking up at these quips.

Again, props to Bolo for yet another great instructional set, and props to all for getting them shipped so speedily.

Thanks for the comments. I look forward to hearing in more detail about what you thought of the content.

By the way, the "in action" footage not only has footage of me rolling with me students, but also with 3 different BJJ black belts. So you can see that regardless of the skill level, I do the same techniques. I am teaching my bread-and-butter techniques, not just stuff that only works on lower level people.

If I ever make a tape of my own, I am going to squeeze in one or two "my mother wouldn't do this move" lines in there. That's a definite :)

Bolo- I received your Guard Passing DVD's, and I would also like to say they are the best I have ever seen. And, your subtle humor is hilarious as well.