Got my blue belt, thanks UG

I probably wouldn't have started training if not for the UG. I took a three-hour test with Greg Nelson earlier this week and got my blue belt after class last night.

Mostly I'm just creating this thread to share the video of me getting destroyed in a hazing ritual. But seriously, I doubt I would have started training if I hadn't gotten so connected with the MMA world through this website.




Is that catdog in the background?



 Until purple

ChicagoTom -  Until purple

hah... until purple before 40


congrats man. and thank you for making me laugh countless times, you are a smart guy and one funny fucker!!!

is Sherk still just a brown belt under Nelson or did he finally get his black belt? Also, welcome to the blue belt club!

Nice now u can beat james toney Phone Post

lol I love being humbled in BJJ class

Congrats man

Congratulations my fren!!!!!

-Until Purple

haha! Perfect..


Grats brother! Good to hear!

Sorry, but it really don't mean much unless you get it from Professor Matheus Barvo ;-)

Just trolling! Congrats on this accomplishment, and welcome to the forever blue belt club! At times it might feel like you don't deserve it, but I'm sure you put in the time and you deserve it. So wear it proudly!

The UG is the best place on the net, never a dull moment. I've spent countless hours lurking, around here.

I got to meet Greg Nelson at the Army Combatives tournament at Ft. Benning back in sept when he was coaching the Minnesota National Guard team. They placed a few guys, and they had an impressive team. Was cutting weight with some of them, you got some good guys up there.

Congrats once again!

congraats 2Jup's ...perhaps we can see you in action in next subhunt?

Hey...I think we would be in same division...even though I am a lowly white belt...they put me in blue and even purple in pajama division

congrats dude


Good stuff.