Got my blue!

Slap a target on my back and call my Shirley. It's time for the obligatory thank you/boasting thread to let everyone know that tonight I got my bluebelt from Roger Gracie. Been training since October 2002 and have stuck with it following a broken arm, (unrelated) broken leg, various smaller injuries and 4 months off to recover.

I'd like to thank the academy... or rather all my training partners and also all the guys on this forum who continue to make inciteful posts, just for the love of the sport.

I'm in it for the long run, much love to everyone.

congrats and welcome to the club, Shirley!

Way to go, Shirley!!!

I was beginning to fixate a bit on getting my blue so now I can relax and enjoy the ride.


Lol, yes I did. Never saw anyone else have it done to them in our school but it got done to me!

Congrats! Welcome to the club.


How did Operator get a pic of my blue promotion?


Congratulations, man! I'm very happy for you!

Congrats estan! I´ve been trying to catch you on #sakuraba to ask you if you got your blue yet lol, have fun being a target! I was lucky with mine, i got mine the day before i left for home so the good white belts only got one training session to go after me lol

good job I got mine in Feb after training a year at Serras I gotta admit its a relief

Congrats, bro. Ive been a blue belt for almost two years now and it was a great feeling. My teacher pulled us aside and told us that a blue belt was our first step and that actually then we were beginning to learn jiu-jitsu. Havent heard a truer statement since.


Thanks everyone, it still feels a little weird, kinda like when you turn 18 or 21 and nothing feels any different. :)

Well done!!!