Got my Brown Belt Sat

Hey everyone, we had our promotions on Sat that I thought was mostly for our kids program. My professor started things off by promoting me to brown belt. Behind my wedding and birth of my children no other day compares.. Not even getting my degree. Making it even better right after we promoted my 6 year old daughter to white/gray belt. I dont post a lot in here but I lurk and wanted to share.. Toe holds for everyone!!!

Congratulations on the promotion ... Phone Post

nice , congradulations to both of you!


Congrats! Phone Post

Congrats man! Phone Post

Thanks everyone.. I almost forgot, my professor is Paul Silva, BB under Rodrigo Mederios. BJJ Rev Team!!

congratulations man

EatonBeever -

Clubber beat prime Rocky with a KO in the third round..........

Drago was beat by past prime Rocky....

This is a no-brainer , Lang destroys Ivan Drago.

Thank you! A reasonable man at last. Drago was severely overrated. As an 0-1 professional his only "win" in the states was an exhibition against a retired former champ probably 10 yrs past his prime. Phone Post 3.0

Congrats!!! Phone Post

Congrats man! Phone Post

Big boy belt! Congrats!!

Two thumbs up, sir!

Goin down to brown town! Good stuff Phone Post

Congrats! Do you instruct classes as well? Phone Post

Sugarfoot - Congrats! Do you instruct classes as well? <img src="/images/phone/apple.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

Thanks again everyone.. I teach kids classes and assist in the fundamentals adult program. For the advanced class I hold a mean stopwatch and do my best to learn..

Well done! Phone Post

 Congrats on the Brown

Congrats! Phone Post

Congratulations. I too received my brown belt last Saturday from my instructor Joe Savoian, a black belt under Ricco Rodriguez and affiliate of Paulo Guillobel. It was definately a surprise and a very humbling moment in my life. Phone Post