Got my Brown tonight!!

My instructor Gustavo Dantas came down to teach a class at my place tonight. Ive been training with Gustavo since 2005. Never been humbled so much till I started training with him and the other guys in Tempe. I was in disbelief and am looking at it by my nightstand as I type this. Crazy night tonight!

Just thought id share this with you guys who share the same passion!!! Phone Post 3.0

Big congrats man!!!!!!

Congrats! :) Phone Post 3.0

Awesome. Congrats

Good job buddy.  Now get the Faixa Preta!  You made it this far, so keep having fun and it will happen.

Congrats man! Phone Post

Congrats !!!

Thanks everyone!! Phone Post 3.0

congrats !!


Thanks guys!!! It was an awesome day to get promoted on Helio Gracies 100th Bday!! Phone Post 3.0


Congrats!!! Phone Post

Congratulations! Phone Post 3.0


Thanks guys!!!!! Phone Post 3.0


Congratulations! That is a big accomplishment Phone Post 3.0


Congrats! Keep it up! Phone Post 3.0