got my dragon affliction jeans on

"Hey, if Dragon pants were cool enough for Jimmy Page..."

Oh shit, I didn't know Jimmy Page wore dragon pants too!
Now they're back! I'm feeling much better about my choice.

Joe, did you have to add your crotch in that pic? not cool imo

are they soft?

'If Joe spikes up his hair and wears a button up (unbuttoned all the way down to his stomach) he will look like a former 98 degrees member trying to relive his former glory."

I don't have enough hair for that.
If I try to spike what sad hairs I have left on my head it would look like a row of sick palm trees that've been caught in a brush fire.



haha, very good point.

I wonder if rising Hollywood star Dan "Deniro" Theodore will be accompanying Joe to the weigh ins, and if he will be wearing similar jeans?

literally laughed out loud at that pic, haha

Sandy Panties Cro-Cop'ed this thread into the canvas.

*Gabriel Gonzaga'd, please

LOL @ the order of these threads:

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Joe, did you have to add your crotch in that pic? not cool imo


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are they soft?

Wasn't joe gonna vomit if he saw another affliction T-shirt? I guess the jeans don't make him queasy.


Not even a dime, come-on Joe you're better than that!

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I think I saw the same jeans on Canal Street for about $175 less.

wait, they make you feel gay but you still wear them, hope you are getting paid to wear them and hope that you don't lose that pay day for this post ;)

wtf... is that Joe trying to show Camel Toe? l

Dear jeebus... I saw an Affliction The Pit t-shirt last night in a bar on Karyoke night. I don't fucking get it. Anyway Joe you need a genuine Staten Island orange tan to go with those gayed up pantalones.

i didnt even notice that sparkyman....such bad timing

they look like something that you would find in a market for $2

step 2: put your junk in that box.