Got my first sponsorship!

WOW! just offered me a sponsorship to compete in out of the area (outside of Utah) events. The first competition that I'll be going to as a sponsoree (is that a word?) is the US Open in October. I'll be in the fat old guy division.

I believe it's sponsorsarus in that division. Congrats and good luck.

Do they pay you? or just cover travel, and regestration expenses? or what?

I just wrote a long a$$ reply and the forum crapped out on me . . . basically . . . shen, DOH!

iDontBelieve, no cash. Travel, registration, and expense.

I've known the guys who run the company for years. They are trying to put Utah's grappling scene on the proverbial map. Their next tourney is on Sept. 9th here in Utah at the ECenter ( ).

It will be broadcast on Comcast PPV, and they're going to be making DVDs. Their are guys who have fought in the UFC, Pride, and ADCC that have competed in the shows in the past and some of the same guys have committed to this show.

They're also planning on doing a couple of "superfights" between two guys you've all seen fight recently and two local guys. If the two "guests" sign their contracts then this will be a seriously cool event.

They are also putting up $2500 for the absolute tourney and another $200 for the "sickest" submission.

Anyway, I'm happy to be associated with them.

If you want some info on the show check out

Im going to see if my school wants to go this tourny, were from az.

Congrats on the sponsorship. They look like a sick company, there giving away alot of cash.

That's pretty cool. Congrats.

If I could only find someone to sponsor me.


That would be really cool if you came up. Let me know if you decide to and I'll get you hotel/restaurant/registration information and all of that kind of stuff ( )

Santino Defranco made the trip from Arizona for the last tournament (which was much smaller than this one will be). He lost in the 2nd round but the guy has game. You probably don't know him but he was the only guy I knew of from Arizona so I thought it would be worth it to mention his name.I know he has placed in several different high level tournaments. also triangled Melvin Guillard (of TUF fame) in an mma fight.

Anyway, if you're going to make the trip then email me (see above) and I'll help out where I can.

007, I've seen your video here on the forum (another boring armbar video)and its almost difficult to believe that you don't have several sponsors already. What part of the country are you in?

DJColdfusion, thanks for the compliment, but I don't compete anymore.