Got my guitar finally!

Man am i excited, and well not too many else would really appreciate that but you guys here.This is what i got (not my exact guitar but same model/colour).I'm just a beginner but 'm very excited and happy and it's something i know i can play for years and years to come and be happy with.

Very nice guitar, rock and roll!

I got one of those 50th anniversary LP special models this year for $430. It is really nice, I just have to get use to the shorter scale. I'm generally a Fender man. Anyways, have fun with your new toy!

Thanks guys, i'm having a BLAST with it

Those are nice guitars Spankenstyne.

Does anyone know if it's possible to get rid of the prosthetic-limb-color plastic pieces on LP's? I love mine but I'd really love for clear or black pieces. Saw replacement pieces at the guitar shop but like $30 for one little piece of plastic.

Black pickup rings are about $5.00 a pair. Black treble/rhythym ring for switch about the same. Pickguard about $15-20.

You can replace ALL the replaceable plastic for about $30.00. Nothing to do about the binding though.

Personally, I think you would be disappointed by the result of replacing the creme stuff with black. Looks weird on the Sunburst IMO.