Got my kitchen down to a science.. but!

  1. It’s next to my bathroom and the last 2 days I haven’t flushed once so that’s like 15 pisses, and the whole place smells like rotten tuna. I enjoy the smell.

  2. My fishtank is full of predators, and while I usually feed frozen shrimp, beef heart, etc, I do occasionally buy a thing of Canadian night crawlers, and although most the fish can suck em down hole, I have been known to put a night crawler on my cutting board and use my nice chef knife to piece em up.

You guys got any weird shit goin on in your kitchen?

I don't refrigerate the mayo. This seems to upset some people. Also about a third of the counter space is a random mix of supplement/ shake shit.

Weird shit going on right now in my kitchen? 

Yeah! My wife isn’t in the fucker!

Do you have ranch?

I have way too many cutting boards stacked in the corner.

I have a deep fryer that I leave the oil in for extended periods. Freaks some people out.

Mayo can stay out, it’s acidic. Leaving it out is how I saw to make it so not a big deal to me. Also no reason to change oil if it’s not going rancid or full of old food sludge. You’re on your own about liking the smell of old piss. 

I have an above average amount of knives and don’t have a knife block. I have magnetic racks on the sides of my cabinets and have one on either side of the kitchen sink. When I was cleaning a bit during a party a friend’s wife said it looks like I’m doing dishes while ready to battle ninjas. I’m also tall so the space between the cabinets and ceiling have a lot of my excess gear like rolling pin, mini chopper, electric skillet etc. wife wants the pretty decorative type shit up there but I’m the one who cooks so fuck her.