Got my Versaclimber home!

Ahhh, the sweetness of it all! My Versaclimber has been at Grappling Unlimited for almost a year (because I didn't have any place to put it), but tonite I finally brought it home. Right now, it's propped up next to my computer desk, next to the 42 Kettlebells, 8 Woody Sandbags, paralletes, and Versapulley that will soon be put into my gym (hopefully this week).

Taku's Intervals begins tomorrow morning. :)

Yea baby!


congrats SCRAP!


uh... holy sh*t. just looked at this thing.. awesome.

i hate you.

also, you should open a gym in austin.


I've got the portable version and it's amazing.


Why the heck would I move to Austin? ;)

It will shape and tone them. ;)

who said anything about moving?

i just want a gym in austin where they have something other than the usual 10,000 stair steppers.

i asked my club manager about getting some of the unused shit off the floor and putting a versaclimber in, and he looked at me like i was speaking swahili. out-of-shape, upgrade-hawking turd that he is.

Scrap, do you know how much the portable Versapulleys cost?

I think we're getting a Versaclimber here at my gym, so I'm pretty stoked about that.


I think the one I have cost around $2K...maybe a little less. Like anything else in any gym I've ever worked out in, treat it like it's your own and try to destroy it. If it breaks, you call the company and tell them what's up. ;)

Fortunately, the Versapulley has stood up to TONS of abuse. I'll be posting vids of different exercises when I revamp the website.

I did 2 sessions of Phase 1 Taku's Intervals today and I'm freaking smoked. I'll post more tomorrow.


Scrap; 2 sessions? You're not normal son:-)


I used to do Taku's Intervals with my instructors BEFORE going out and hammering my class. I had so much strength endurance it wasn't even funny. ;)

Oh, and no one ever said I was "normal". =)

Too true; lol.

How long would it take someone to achieve that level of fitness and strength endurance?

Depends on where you're at presently. I've been called a "mutant" by my girlfriend and people in my classes, but I think it has more to do with my determination than anything else. ;)


If things work out the way I'm hoping they will, Taku (and his monstrously headed partner, Heed), Wiggy, and myself will be doing some traveling and, hopefully, opening up some gym manager's eyes about stuff.

If anything, it'd be funny to have all of us in the same room at the same time. ;)

good luck, and i hope you do well with it, but i think you've got a hard task ahead of you. then again, you don't seem to lack for determination, so maybe you'll break a few people down. i can only hope so.

starts fantasizing about belonging to a club with a versapulley

man, that'd be sweet.

My gym has one and its never used so i hardly ever noticed it. Seriously i have never seen anyone ever on it.

I banged out 10min last night after lifting and was blown up. Great machine. Im a fan

Check out Taku's Intervals on my site. It's an amazing program.

They are awesome machines...I just wish they weren't so damn expensive so more people could have them.

I'm actually supposed to make a training video for them and we've talked about me being a rep for them as well. It'd be great to go to gyms and show people what you can actually DO with a Versaclimber and a little bit of know-how.


jealous, scrapper, you're still on this mofo. how's the training going? You still mr. ironman?


Currently, I'm not Mr. ironman...that title belongs to Ross...for now. ;)

How's your training going?