Got our Concept 2!

Placed the order for the rower Tuesday and it got here Friday afternoon! Man, is that thing long...

Who's got times for me to compete against? 500 meter, 2000 meter?


Damn, dude, that's cranking it out! I pulled a 1:38 500m but thought I was gonna puke...not sure if I could keep that up for 500 more least not right now. :)

I'll be making up the Wall of Shame/Fame to put up next to the rower with different times for different distances.

Ahh, the sweet suffering!

my best 500m is 1:39! 1 damn second!

"Ahh, the sweet suffering!"

Scrap doesn't even know how to spell 'Mercy'. I bet your clients love to hate you.

seriously though - good work - I think you inspire many a person on this board.


1:31 500m on the #3 damper setting. Hell on earth, I say.

You must have an in. I am still waiting on mine.



Mine arrived in the next town over. It's close.


Was it easy to put together? Has it thrashed anybodys ass yet? Does it have a peg to hang a puke bucket on?

It was relatively easy to assemble.

It doesn't have a peg for puke bucket, but after this morning's class, I'll have to make something for it. ;)


Congratulations, Fish!

The Concept 2 is a killer tool.

So far,

1:33 500m

19:00 5000m

Damper set on #3.

One of my guys does 5000m in 18:30!


1:32 500m/#10 damper setting/ and it was really killer. What I like the most - its C2 versatility and awesome interval training approach. TABATA?s are pretty cool too:)


I like the water rower myself :)

Here is a good webpage to give times and training.

My local gym has a C2. Finally, I get access to a C2 Rower and versaclimber whenever I get the chance! I love it!

Definitely the only 2 pieces of "Cardio" equipment you need in my opinion! To hell with the treadmills and Stationary Bikes!


Finally , my c2 arrived this morning. this has been the longest workday in history.

My wife put it together for me, what a sweetheart.


Where can I get one besides the web? also is their any good alternative cheaper rowers out there????

Whoooo Haaaaaaaaaaa

It is the schizzle. So I get on last night and start rowing. My wife warned me to go easy. apparently the manual sez use caution because it feels deceptively easy.

So I get on there and crank a decent pace for about 10 minutes and realize that it has sucked all of the oxygen out of my cardiopulmonary system. This thing rocks.

I am in decent shape enough to run for 30 minutes on a treadmill. Rowing is different ball game. I am expecting to see great results on my cardio with this thing.

FYI they are hard to find. I checked ebay and craigslist for several weeks for a used model. The used ones sell for a pretty penny, hence my decision to buy a new one.

do you think Rowing cardio will help with running, say like if i run 4-5 miles??

Also will a standard rowing maching work????

I think it will,but I am no expert. yes any rower that functions will work.

The C2 is just the best made IMHO.

I want a Concept 2 so bad... but I don't have nearly enough money. Boo

The "standard" damper setting is 3.