Got Perma Band

Well, apparently because the account got hacked, blizzard decided to perma band the account. I sent and email to blizzard admin explaining what happened, but I'm not sure if Gelacek will be able to come back

wtf? thats shit. thanks for yesterday by the way

no problem twunt and it is shit. Anyone know the chances of me getting the account restored?

Dood.. that sucks man!

yep... told them the account got hacked and you wanted to change your email and password so they perma banned the account? Sounds unreasonble to me.

I didnt tell the person on the phone that the account got hacked. I just changed the email and phone number. I was playing last night and when I tried to login today, it said it had been perma banned.

Is there some way you can find the person that hacked it and fuckstomp him?

Also, tell them you have people who can corroborate your story if they need it.

Shit man - that really is fucked.

I liled running with Gel..

It seems pretty unreasonable - ring them again.

that would be my guess

I would try to buy a new account, and transfer gel there. It would solve all problems. Youl'd be out 75 bucks, but youl'd have your guy with no problems.

It doesnt seem I can get any of my guys back now though as the whole account is blocked.