Got side choke entries?

Do you guys have any good entries for the side choke (kata-gatame) that you'd like to share?

For example, what's a clever way to transition from an armbar from the mount to a side choke? Adequate details would be appreciated.

Or from the back mount to a side choke?

Thanks in advance,


I'm interested in back mount to side choke. Is it possible to finish the side choke from the back mount?

Uchimatafan: For all those entries, I'm talking about finishing the side choke from the side mount, because I feel that the side choke is the most powerful from there.

So for the back mount, I would start by back mounting my opponent and end up finishing him with a side choke from the side mount. Leozinho almost got this combination against Eddie Bravo in ADCC.

As for the armbar from the mount opening, I was thinking about if maybe it would be a good idea to drop your head to the ground next to your opponent's head, as soon as possible. Also, I'm not sure if it is a good idea to push his elbow inwards with your hand or just with your chest. It's details like this I'm interested in.

Love the side choke from back mount. Sometimes I get right behind the turtled opponent (hooks not in), put my hands under their armpits and let/tempt them to turn to guard, as they turn I circle to the same side (eg to the right) feeding my arm (left) around the neck, trapping their arm (left) and finishing in side control (on their left). I pretty much get the same thing from the back mount facing up when they start to hip out getting their back to the floor, against a turtled opponent when I have one hook in and also when I get both hooks in (face down) but they flatten a thigh to the mat and turn (in that one I end in the mount with the choke).

Do it from side control and mount a fair bit too.


I have an entry I love:
-start in side mount (let's say your hips are at his right side, and your head is on his left side)
-underhook his head with your left arm, deeply
-work your head underneath his arm, so that his bicep is against his head.
-once his arm is against his head, slide your right knee across to the mount position. maintain your head position so that his arm stays trapped against his head
-place your right elbow on the ground by his neck, and grab your right bicep with your left hand
-finish your choke by walking your elbows together, placing your right hand on the back of your neck and squeezing your elbows


TT, that's a good one. I pretty much always try to put my head there on the mat under his far armpit anyways to kill that arm. Sometimes I will get my head there first, then move my arm under his head to do the arm triangle.

TT, I do the same move except that I often open up with a kimura threat to get my head in that sweet spot for the side choke.

ttt for an answer to my armbar from the mount to side choke combo...

I love this move but it's not a move I tend to think about until it's there. My top game is very lacking when it comes to subs anyway, people lay there under my side control or mount until I try something then they escape.

This is definately my highest percentage move for finishing though.