got snatch?

If not, then get some snatch now!

Hey everybody, this is our first t-shirt release just in time for the holidays. Be the first on your block to own one..GUARANTEED to get some attention!

Our website is still in development so we're using PayPal in the interim. If you're interested, email us with quatities and sizes at Cost is $22. If you don't have a PayPal link, there's a CC option, too.


<img src=""

TAKU <--------- not good @ HTML

Come on...Who wants one?


Buy one as a gift, buy one for yourself, buy one to show a little love and support for TAKU.

.....not sure what the reaction will be from the wife.....

Well I'd love to have one.

And my wife doesn't carry my balls in her purse I can have one if I want.

HAHAHA! That's freakin awesome!

Taku-Can you see me wearing that shirt at my Gym? I'd probably be knocking on your door trying to find a job the next day.

Any body who wants one follow through with the contact info above to our current e-mail at:

Thanks for the interest.

This one is only the beginning.


How much are they?

And do they come in any color but black? With my coloring, I look
freshly dug up, if I wear black... :-)

The cost is $22.  We also have a white version which I'll post on Monday.

XenNova, have the GF drop me a line at, with size, color, and address. We'll get you all set up.




Trade you a couple Scrapper Athletics shirts. ;)


Great shirt, Id totally get one but after exchange and shipping it would be like a $40 cdn t shirt, too steep for this starving student.

Keep some around though, Ill buy one when im working again this summer for sure.

That is AWESOME!

Thanks Jake,

order a couple.

SCRAPPER...No way man, for you the price is $30.00 + $19.95 S&H


I would LOVE to wear one of those!

Unfortunately, I'm not man enough to challenge my wife on it.

Awesome shirt.... but I don't think I'll find many situations in which I'd be comfortable wearing it, either.

And the fact is, sadly... NO, I don't.

Done and done, thanks!

Thanks Jake and everyone else who's responded. 

The support is very much appreciated.