Got Sudo Butterbean two days ago!

I got Sudo Butterbean uploaded to my ftp a few days ago but I haven't been able to watch it because of work. I watched it last night and all I have to say is LOL

Genki showed us that evasiveness and unconventional movement (dancing around the ring) that helped him go the distance with K-1 MAX stars Masato and Kraus. Butterbean showed us why he would never win a game of tag (too slow). Anyways this match was silly with alot of circling and dancing by genki. Genki does manage to get bean down but cant finish the leglock. Sortof a boring match until Genki launched his off the ropes double kick, taking down the bean, and then heelhooking him...Pretty kooky stuff.

BTW, I liked the promos that K1 cut together before the match. They showed butterbean hitting one of those rubber torso men with boxing gloves. I had no idea that the bean's voice was so high.

"No Gloves!"
-Butterbean in a squealing voice.

BTW, DIVX compressions are definitely nice, no quality loss and like half the size of an avi...

King, I'm not disputing that...

THe double kick looked like some prowrestling puroresu style goodness.

Anyone else seen this fight?

Sorry no offense, but you come off like a little child when you make these "I got something you don't threads" whose main purpose seems to be nothing but bragging.

Like a ten-year-old kid bragging to his friend that he has a new toy...

I noticed that as well.

tj tapper

lol.... yes. i noticed it as well.

hook me up with a

How do you get a video of the event?

Send link please...

you are stealing. you are bad for the sport. you arent supporting the sport. you are the reason fighters make so little money. you are going to burn in hell. ufc has new spyware that track whoever downloads any of their fights.

sarcasm off :D



you can see the fight at the troll site

I am not trying to taunt you guys, I was just posting on a fight with my impressions and observations.
I only include how I got the fight in because this board has alot of people who speculate about fights they haven't seen...

Look at all the posts on Yoshida vvs Royce 2 for example.

I am not one of those....

i appreciate th elow down of the fight i probably won't see

aatu - i never thought that east was bragging even once in his post. I think you have issues.

The link is posted by MM. Genki is a crazy mofo.

You've got to love the flying kick off the ropes hey.

lol, hell yeah.

east is cool. He's not braggin.

Im going to continue posting my views and opinions on the NYE's fights thanks to your encouragement Evil.

No problem. we need more unbiased views on this forum anyways!! Since Sherdog won't accept our views, let's give the UG a chance!

Lol! Sherdog keeps erasing your threads, huh? I saw a few but they disappeared!

Upon further inspection, it looks like the Bean just falls on Genki after the doublekick...hehe

Great transition by Genki with the leglocks.