Got That COLD, COLD Vodka!

Just past nine gettin sloshed…but I will tell you this…

Nothin like ICE COLD Vodka.

IDK how else anybody drinks this shit.

You watch Law and Order, or MAD MEN, and they have alcohol room temp in their office…

Drink it straight, no chaser


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Just a tip bros.

Got about 16 more cubes in the tray.

Ice cold? goes down like wata.

Ooh, it’s cold gin time again
You know it’ll always win…

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Vodka is always put in the freezer for me, whiskey or bourbon is room temp but put on ice, tequila and Rum always room temp no ice, Gin down the sink because that shits nasty


Spot on!

I bet your vodka is room temperature AF, peasant


There’s no better way to go from zero to sixty than an ice cold bottle of vodka.

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I want to go to an Icebar.

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NOT the father, lol

Gotta be some Diamond nips there, that was my first thought when I first heard of those kinds of places at 12, and it’s my first thought at 30 as well.

I tried Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville Tequila tonight. Just like everything else in the Margaritaville line, it’s not exceptionally good. For $12 it’s better than the other wildly cheap tequilas, but I imagine there’s both shortcuts on the blue agave claims and they plan to sell it as a top shelf spirit and move past the $12 price point, it is not a top shelf spirit.