Got the Big Green Egg today

First impression.. holy SHIT, is this thing sensitive. In a good way, I mean. I guess it's the whole heat retention thing, but fuckin' A. If you move the damper(s) only a half inch, the temp will change 100 degrees in a matter of a minute. You can literally watch the thermometer move. I'm so used to big metal smokers that this is sort of shocking.

I don't know if you can tell by the pic, but the lower damper is open about a quarter inch, top damper about 3/4 inch, and it's maintaining about 450 F. This motherfucker burns hot as hell.

I cooked 6 burgers and 5 sausages (two separate shifts) in about 40 minutes, including lighting the coals and preheating. The normal-sized load of lump charcoal I put in is less than 10% burned after almost an hour.

I left the electric starter in the coals for 8 minutes, per the directions, pulled it out, then closed the lid and opened the dampers all the way and it hit 250 F within about 20 seconds!

I haven't tried smoking yet, but I'm very much looking forward to it. This thing is crazy. I've very happy so far, but it's definitely very different than everything I'm used to.

The only thing that didn't quite live up to my expectation for a thousand dollar BBQ pit is the claim that it is much cooler to the touch and safer around children.

Well, ok, it is technically cooler than the bottom of a metal charcoal pit, yes, but I wouldn't say it's cooler than a gas grill. You wouldn't instantly get blisters like you would from touching the bottom of a firebox in a metal smoker, but it is still hot as fuck. I can pat my hand on the lid and not be burned, but 5 seconds would surely burn the shit out of you.

$1,000!!?!?! Holy-shit-the-bed! Does that include any extras.... like a freezer full of Kobe beef?

a grand is cheap, want to spend more, go here

Well, I only paid $606. Long story. For everything you see there, it would generally run $1000-1200.

It's a lot of money, but if you BBQ twice a week, it will pay for itself in 3 or 4 years years, just on charcoal savings alone. At least that is what I'm trying to tell myself..

alpo, you got a deal

Looks very cool, as does the ceramic porcelain egg from bigwilly's link,
but I don't think I'm quite ready for that yet.

Viking has one that's stainless on the outside for about $5k.

i bbq 2wice a week!

or more!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is so ridiculous. I made steaks for the FIRST TIME tonight on this thing (strips) and they were quite possibly the best steaks I've ever made.

I usually make my steaks medium rare and they turned out medium, so I slightly overcooked them, but that didn't even matter. They were at least as moist, if not more, than a typical rare/medium rare.

I decided to do something a little unusual (for me, anyway) and rubbed the steaks in olive oil, minced garlic, kosher salt, a dab of Worcestershire and this neat Weber pepper rub which is a combination of dried red, yellow and green bell peppers and some other peppers.

I cranked the bitch up to about 650 F with lump and some mesquite chips, grilled for 90 seconds on each side, then closed both dampers and let them bake in smokey goodness for about 2 minutes. Hell of a sear, but I think I'll only let them rest in there for 60-75 seconds next time instead of the 2 minutes.

Ya got it!! Wo-hoo!! A new toy, just in time for summer! Did you get any Guava wood? The Eggers seem really happy with it. Sounds like the charcoal consumption is living up to your

No guava yet. I still had a ton of other alder, apple, hickory and mesquite that I bought for my gas grill that I barely even used any of. There's a sporting goods place down the street that sells like 20 different kinds of sawdust for smoking/BBQ for super $1 for this big 3 gallon bag that lasts forever, so I bought all these different flavors.

Speaking of which, I'm BBQing 3 tandoori salmon filets over lemon soaked alder right now. Ever use a tandoori rub? It's great if you want to try something a little less traditional.

The dust burns a bit fast, though, so I'm thinking chips are better. Oh well.

Well, what happens is, you light the center of the coals in the BGE and it's ready to cook in like 7 minutes, but really only the center 3 inches of the coals are burning because the airflow is so extremely constricted. It takes an eternity for the fire to spread outward. I've used it for hours and hours and it only burned up about an 8 inch circle in the center. This makes chip distribution kind of difficult because you can't just spread them evenly all over, as the center will burn up in 25 minutes, then the smoke slows to a crawl. I tried just spreading the chips around the edges, but the fire never gets there. So, you've got to make a line or spiral that increases in width as it gets farther away from the middle.. LOL. I never imagined chip distrubution could be so complicated.

I would like to add a big HOWEVER, though.. I still haven't tried blocks. This may resolve the issue, as they will be much longer-burning, but I'm not sure.. everywhere I look, people are using chips with this thing, so I don't know if blocks aren't recommended for whatever reason. The BGE forum has a lot of good info, but it's extremely low in traffic, so questions can take a week or more to get answered.

I think most of the eggers use chunks. Their forum is a pretty enthuastic group. They were talking about grinding brisket for burgers the other day. Sounded interesting.

Ever been on the Kamado forum? What a bunch of weirdos. Those guys get into farking tile color debates, "Should I get Purple Mountain Majesty or Hot Magenta?" Have you seen the new Tangerine tiles? They're fabulous!" Their tiled cookers look like a funeral urn for a gay pachyderm.


Cook a brisket. My dad and I did one for xmas a couple years ago, brushing it down with marinade ever couple hours.  WOW....

that thing looks awesome.

somebody's posts got deleted

I thought you meant the rotten green egg that the Chinese eat. scary.

I purchased my LARGE BGE 2 weeks ago for $607 (main egg components and clamping rings only)

So far, I love it!


  • cedar planked salmon (little bit of maple syrup, light brown sugar, fresh cracked pepper, kosher salt, chopped dill) fucking good!

  • Beer can chicken (sam adams pale ale, basic bbq rub, apple and hickory wood chunks)

  • smoked brats (beer and onion method, hickory wood chunk)


Ribeye steaks!

I have been talking about getting a green egg for along time, I am a chef and cook at home religiously. After seeing Alpo's pics (of the ribs/brisket) I am going to play as much poker as possible and try to win enough to buy one. I could afford it but my poker money is my fun money.

yeah.. I've been all over nakedwhiz.

Very cool site with lots of great BGE info.