Got the COVID vaccine. Don’t recommend

A few days ago I posted about trying to get the J&J vaccine and the pharmacies being out of stock and then my local medical facility automatically disconnecting me after I pressed the number for covid vaccinations.

Well, against my better judgement I ended up booking an appointment in person today and getting the J&J. The only reason I got it was because I’m going back to NYC and I’m worried about not being able to get into places, especially for my work.

Just wanted to vent because on top of my previous experience of having trouble even getting it the nurse was rude as hell.

I filled out some paperwork and she rudely informed me that I had to sign the back which stated “patients do not have to fill out this side”, as if I were a moran. I asked her where and without looking up she said “anywhere, doesn’t matter”. So I asked for a pen and she goes “we don’t do that because it’s covid” and she had me get one from the guy at the desk. Not sure why her safety mattered more than his.

So after that she does the injection, and I’m not sure if this part was normal or not, but she injected the vaccine super fast like she was forcing it out with all of her strength, and it had my shoulder feeling super sore. Like the actual injection going in hurt a lot more than the needle.

She had already given me my card at the beginning so I asked her if she needed to sign anything on there and she goes, “like what?” I said I dunno it has some dates to fill out and other things, and then she muttered something about doing her job, like either “I’m trying to do my job” or “I know how to do my job”. So at that point I asked her if it was normal for my shoulder to feel so sore after the injection and she spouted off some generic information too fast for me to really understand. At that point I left and I’ll probably end up filing a complaint about her attitude.

I wouldn’t recommend getting the shot just based off of my experience alone. Very infuriating to experience this after all the pressure to get it. Anyway, I’ll let you know if I die or decide to vote for Biden.



Not a troll. All of my stories actually happen, unfortunately.

You interrupted her preparing her next tik tok dance and YOU’RE the victim here? I’m guessing you’re a white guy? Fuck off, Boomer!


I have no problem with anyone who gets the vaccine because they think it’s in their best medical interests, but people like you who get vaccinated in order to comply with vaccine mandates/passports can go fuck yourself. You’re a piece of shit weak coward.


Once again I’m worried about it because of my work. Gotta make money. Also I am a little worried about catching it in NYC. I ride the subways a lot and end up getting sick there often. Outside of that I do feel like a bit of a punk for giving in, but at least I’m reporting my honest thoughts and experience. Not like anyone else has to get it. I got my one dose and supposedly it’s a little lighter than the others, so hopefully it won’t compromise my natural immune system too much don’t forget to vote Biden 2024.


Some advice going forward. Don’t let people run over you like that. The second time she got short you should have stopped her and asked her if there’s a problem. Don’t let people get over on you like that.


Yeah looking back I feel like I should have walked out at that point and got the shot somewhere else if I still wanted it. I just kept calm, ignored her remarks, and kept asking her whatever questions I had. Afterwards I left her office at my own leisure, taking my time to put my hoodie back on to make my point, and told myself I’ll just file a complaint later about her attitude.

Jesus Christ dude… you’re a lost cause!

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Hopefully you wrote a negative Yelp review so others will know.


don’t get vaccine becauses you had bad customer service?


I was feeling reluctant to get it and all the fascist shit going on made me suspicious. The nurse treating me like a piece of shit didn’t help matters. Those sort of things are red flags to me. Everyone was very pleasant until the actual nurse doing the injection…well except that they tried to talk me into getting one of the other vaccines instead of J&J as well. I would rather not have gotten it, but to be honest I am a little nervous about catching covid in NYC.

Wow, you just may have what it takes to be the leader of the revolution!

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Well I figured the shock of her finding out I filed a complaint after not playing her game will hurt more than getting into some back and forth bickering match with the cunt. Why waste my time and energy when I can simply brush her off and then get her written up later for her shit attitude? I just kind of regret not telling her to fuck off and walking out. Actually, I think she was a little taken aback that I just kinda rolled my eyes at her and kept calmly asking whatever questions I had, and took my sweet ‘ol time leaving her office afterwards. I wasn’t really worried about the bitch like that.


Lol @ getting the vaccine because “maybe”

It was either risk the vaccine or risk getting covid in NYC. I figured the single J&J dosage was a decent middle ground. I’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea in the past, so the respiratory thing worries me a bit. I still often find myself suffocating during sleep paralysis in the middle of the night and fighting to wake up.

I have a few family members who got hit with covid pretty bad. Others who were fine. Also know of one person who died from the vaccine.

Fair enough…that makes more sense.

Good luck dude, hope you have no issues

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So you’re a male Karen?

Went to Walgreens and got the J&J shot also

Same experience , older lady didn’t care and gave me the vaccine card prior to shot, filled out with ink pen, something anybody could’ve done …I did ask her if she can just dump the vaccine in the trash instead of injecting me , she told me she didn’t want to lose her job

Quick shot , forced out of the syringe…no pain tho …no symptoms until the next day