Got the flu - fuuuuuuuu

Flue type B, which is apparently very contageous.  No work through Friday.  So yall are going to be hearing a lot from me. 

My girl got it as well.  And she is pregnant.  :(  But she got a flue shot, I did not.  She she clearly has symptoms, but they are not as bad as mine apparently, and they should end sooner hopefully, all due to the flu shot.

I got prescribed theraflu, zpak, and a couple others, the other two I forget because my prescription is still at the pharmacy.  One started with an N I think.  Supposed to help your breathe.  The other I have no clue.  She only got theraflu as the others can interfere with pregnancy.  

Anyways, other than taking these, and tons of vitamin C, anything else that Dr. OG recommends?  I inplicitly trust the OG, as always.

Thanks for any help!


fuk mods delete, making new thread in og.

The new flu strain wfa? 

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Zpack for the flu is absolutely pointless.

tamiflu is ok if ur symptoms are under 48 from initiation .  Otherwise not as affective .

not sure the others but whatever mainstay is lots of fluids , rest and supportive care like Tylenol Motrin for fevers, aches. 

Best of luck .   This year it’s been brutal.  So many deaths .  

This years flu is no joke. My immune system is still recovering three months later. Had a coworker that died from it. Be very careful and good luck.

I got the A. Had 105 fever yesterday and had to go to hospital. Fever went way down today.

You have a serious case of wfa. Maybe take some time off and rest up.