Got the green light to wrestle

Just got back from the doctor.  I had ACL surgery 3 1/2 months ago where the took a piece of my hamstring to make an new ACL.  I've been getting up at 5:30 every morning and hitting the gym and going to physical therapy once a week.  Looks like all the hard work paid off becuase the doc said my knee looked great and I can start doing some controlled wrestling (I've actually been doing that for the last month but I didn't tell him that).  He said in February I'm off all restrictions and can wrestle as hard as I want.  Should be back just in time to start busting my ass to get ready for the Pan Ams.  This is the best Christmas present I could have gotten this year.  :) 

Rodney, thats awesome bro!


Congrats! Rehab is key to everything. Take care of those knees.

Glad to hear it, man!

Awesome news Rodney!


Good news.

Funny enough, I started training again last month after having the same ACL reconstruction (autograft from the hamstring) in July. 3 1/2 - 4 months out I felt GREAT. The hamstring was still a little vulnerable, and I was pretty gentle with the knee at first but then....

My second training session back, I tore my OTHER ACL!!

I think it was just REALLY REALLY bad luck, but also I was favoring my rehabbed leg, and in the process, I injured the other. BE CAREFUL!