Got to use High Gear recently!

we have two sets of it in our unit adn i got to "play" with it recently. Damn, i was impressed! for starters, i put on the helmet and allowed myself to be clubbed at about 75% (yeah, we worked up to that) with a 24 inch oak club. There was truly very little shock and no pain (yeah, i am a little bit of a numb-guy).

the rest of the gear was great as well- easy on, easy off (low change-over time when training) and the protection was great.

it did feel a little awkward at first, but then again, a winter jacket feels awkward at first too. otherwise, no complaints!

no shame

Awesome, thansk for posting...were you doing combatives with it or just messing around?


I remember when I got my gear. It was Summertime. I had scheduled a "Street Clothes" class for the adults. While I had the gear with me, I taught the children's class with it on. I gave a basic safety lecture followed by a "Beat on Sensei" class for the rest of the hour and a half.

Then I ran the adults through some basics then did scenarios, on the stairs, out in the parking lot, in the car, atm machine, etc. etc. We were outside a good hour, in the August sun with myself geared the whole time. The suit is very light and breathes so well I didn't die from the heat, even though it was black. I don't think I would have been able to do that in any of the bigger, heavier dipped foam gear suits.

I am saving my nickles to purchase a second one.

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the funny thing about it is that i didn't even know it was your gear at first. we were working on the Marine Corps martial ars stuff. the SSgt (our Bn's senior instructor and oddly enough, one of my students) said he'd like to get some more of the suits.

I said, "i know where you can get some, go to Tony Blauer's website."

just then, he looked down at the tag and it had your url listed. he looked at me kinda funny and said, "gee, thanks sir, i coulda read that for myself." haha

at any rate, we'll be working on getting another one soon.

no shame

Thats actually, pretty funny...mustve been one of those...OKKKK moments...the gear is used a lot by militray, Navy was first after I did some session with them at Coronado and Little Creek, but the USMC actually uses a ton of the gear and now the ARMY SF groups in NC have really started to pick up on it...

Glad you like it.


Just a thought, but have you ever considered making a layaway/payment plan for the high gear suits?



We DO have a payment plan :-)

50% is due on the order date, 25% 2 weeks later and then the balance, including S&H on ship date (6-8 weeks from order date).

Hope that helps,


PS- If you want to order or need more info call toll free: (877) 773-2748 or e-mail me at