Got Ufc tickets!!- need hotel help

Just ordered my $150 tickets that I hope are good but I dont think I will have that great of a view. Now I need hotel help. Mandalay bay is $400 a night and you cant check in the day of the event so you have to get 2 nights.

Anyone know of anything close and not way overpriced? Where are all of you guys staying?

DAMN! Gotta be someone you can bunk with from here for the right price.

My girlfriend and I are going together. She is from Vegas and has family and friends there, but I am trying as hard as I can to find a room so I dont have to stay at someones house.

I am seeing that as sold out. I can stay at the excalibur for about $150 a night. What do you think about that place?

SAN REMO - (800) 522-7366

Group Code - UFC

Weekday - $49.00 and Weekend - $90.00

EXCALIBUR - (800) 937-7777

Group Code: XUFC Cutoff - 1/12/04

1/26 - 1/29......$69.95



LUXOR - (800) 288-1000

Group Code: T6UFC Cutoff - 1/16/04



Palace Station


Group Code: Ultimate Fighting Championship

Tower Rooms: Sun-Thur $69.00 Fri-Sat $119.00
Value Rooms: Sun-Thur $49.00 Fri-Sat $89.00

Cutoff date is 12-30-03

Reservations will still be taken at discounted rate after the cutoff date as long as availabiltiy

sweet!! Thanks for that info. Can anyone tell me about san remo? Looks good for $90 a night. Its not a dump is it? Does Friday night count as a weekend.

Thanks again for all the info.

Friday night is weekend rate. San Remo is close to Mandalay Bay. Don't know what their rooms are like but they have a great Sushi bar.

Other have stayed there so I'm sure there will be some feedback for you.