Got Verizon smart phone you don't use - Page Plus.

Go to Walgreens or a gas station and get a Page Plus prepaid card. You can put it on a monthly plan as an emergency/extra phone for like 12 bucks a month. It's only for 250 minutes, but at least you get some use out of it. Give it to your kid so he learns how to pay his own bill. Or perhaps your grandma so she can access internet at McDonalds?

Just a little tidbit of info.

I use their $10 plan. 100 minutes. Lasts 4 months or until you use up the minutes. I hate talking on the phone. Use it for emergency calls, GPS, browsing over wifi, and mp3 player.

A lot of people don't like the idea of carriers requiring you to pay for a data plan on a smartphone. Usually 20 bucks and over. This seems to be a way around it.