Got Warrant? (need advice)

Got in a fender bender oct.28th, received a citation for having an expired insurance card. I paid my insurance Oct. 16th IN which I never received my new Ins. cards.

The cop suggested to call the insurance co. and let them know of the infraction.

So I call up my insurance co. the next day(office was closed on the day of) and tell them that I needed my new cards and that I had gotten a ticket because of that. So they/he on the phone said that they would take care of that. So that's the last I heard until yesterday when an aquaintance mentions that he had heard my name called in traffic court and when know one showed they ordered a $250 bench warrant.

So now I got a BW because some fucknut didnt do there job and or gave me the wrong info. So WTF now?

If you can ever get your insurance company to give you proof that you had insurance as of Oct. 16th you should be able to get the judge to drop the warrant. A similar thing happened to me. Good luck man.

Update: The insurance company has been passing the buck between Insur. co.(TIG) and the office I got the insur. from (cavanaugh assoc.)

After calling my provider they passed me off to TIG, TIG said they'd call me back yesterday. So today I called back and was lied to by a manager who said she had left me a message(blatant lie) Then said that Kathy(cavanugh associates) was doing what was needed to be done. So I then asked her who's responsible for the warrant of $250 that i got due to there blunder she basically told me that they dont handle that and to talk to kathy and just tottally blew me off after lying to me about calling me back.

So then i call back Kathy who begins to start talking to me like shes my 3rd grade teacher telling me that I shouldnt had this and done that and that and there doing it now and blah blah blah so once again I brought up "how the hell" this happened and "who's going to pay" for my WARRANT. She said thats my problem its your fine ,deal with it! And was a total bitch. So I was then passed on to an office mgr after giving her a lecture on customer service.

So now I talk to Paulo who's quick help leaves me in the same spot of being fucked. Cause now I have to use my money($250 cash) to pay my warrant and best case scenario in court with proof of insurance I will get $200 of the $250 back but still miss out on 1/2 a days work,$50 and a $25 ticket I got cause I was late at work and got a parking ticket for being over by 3 mins.

All this because some mo fo didnt send out my CARDS. Either way im demanding my money back and am terminating my policy.




Just left a voice mail with the President of Cavanaugh and Ass. He called back and will be in on touch mon.

I am not sure how this will work out in your state, but in WV if a person has insurance on the date of the alleged offense but didn't have insurance card (ie proof of the insurance). On the court date, the defendant (you in this case) will take the newly issued insurance card to court and show the court/ prosecutor that you had an insurance policy paid for and in effect on that particular day. Case dismissed.

Where you made the mistake is by thinking when the Ins. Co. said "So they/he on the phone said that they would take care of that." DID NOT mean that they would take care of your legal problem. You HAVE to show up to court of the day and time that you get notice for (probably on the ticket). What I think the ins. co. was referring to is that they will send you a new card.

You are NOT GUILTY of the offense you are charged with because you had insurance at that time. Taking care of the warrant (capias) is a different matter. Call me if you need to. 304.522.1265 Ask for Ashley Lockwood