GOT Wedding - spoiler

Just watched it, in utter shock..... so sad Robb didnt get tk avenge his dad's murder. Phone Post

lol @ "cockass"

Did not watch episode yet and will not be reading or revisiting thread...but...spoilers in thread title? Phone Post

I changed your thread title to remove spoilers.

Op is a retard Phone Post

i am kind of surprised at the number of people who had no clue what was about to happen. the book has been out for 13 years. you would think they must have had some inkling if they frequent forums.

Jobe Watson's New and Improved Butler - Now i have to get out of bed early, on my birthday, for no other reason.than voting you down. I strogly suggest everyone else who clicks this thread does the same. Phone Post

Happy birthday too you good sir! And me! Phone Post