Anybody know how these fights went?

Pro Bouts:
Joey Holt vs. Michael Pope – Lightweight Title
Chris Dempsey vs. Adam Hunter
Robert Morrow vs. Dan Spohn – Light Heavyweight Title
Khama Worthy vs. Adrian Vilaca
Jeff Holmes vs. Eric Bledsoe
Devonte Smith vs. Fred Stonehouse
Dino Juklo vs. Elijah Gbollie
Ethan Goss vs. Chase Rowden

Amateur Bouts:
Anthony Romero vs. Izzy William – Lightweight Title
Jonas Rubiano vs. Cody Riggs – Bantamweight Title
Vincent Meng vs. Dylan Youngblood

Team mate Elijah Gbollie won via first round tko Phone Post 3.0

And Goss won via unanimous decision Phone Post 3.0

How about Chase Rowden in the first pro fight? Oh, and congrats on your teammates victory!

Dang, thanks MDAlex. :/

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