Gotch footage

The old man wrestled everywhere, alot! However, I only have 3 matches on video. I have Gotch vs Fujiwara, Gotch vs Inoki, and Gotch/Thesz vs Sakaguchi/Inoki. There must be other footage out there. How can I find it? I realize I won't find older stuff but there should be more pro wrestling footage of Gotch out there. Maybe even the 48 Olympics or ameteur matches from europe. Karl is a bit of a mystery, it's even hard just to find pictures. He's a very elusive 'legend'. He doesn't have any film of himself. He told me he hates worked wrestling and doesn't like watching his own matches.

good luck finding it...those are the only three matches I have as well. the only other footage I know of is the stuff jake has got and perhaps a few clips from early pancrase shows.

Karl showed me that tape a year or so ago. I think it is a very fun and informitive tape.

I am looking for pro wrestling matches with him. Or maybe 48 olympic wrestling footage.